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High Dividend Advantage - rebalanced monthly; Performance updated on: 1-Dec-2020

The Super Stock Screener High Dividend Advantage Stock Portfolio is the best source for easily finding the top dividend paying stocks. We employ a time-tested strategy that ensures only the best companies are included in the portfolio. Here’s a list of our trading rules:

Rule #1: The stock’s dividend yield must rank in the top 33% among all companies trading in the U.S. Investors can benefit from an income stream on top of the capital gains that come with investing in each company.

Rule #2: For all the stocks that meet the criteria for rule #1 above, calculate the Dividend Payout Ratio (dividends paid / net income). Its payout ratio must be in the bottom 15%. This means we are only keeping companies that can easily afford to pay dividends, and still have plenty of cash left over to run their business.

Rule #3: The stocks must be ranked as a Strong Buy by our Rating System. This ensure that we are investing in good companies whose stocks have strong potential to outperform the market. Our Rating System’s picks have substantially outperformed the market since we launched our service in 2007.

The portfolio is rebalanced monthly. For diversification purposes, it typically holds between 15-20 stocks at a time.

High Dividend Advantage Portfolio History

See all past trades for the High Dividend Advantage portfolio since inception.

Cumulative Performance

Performance: High Dividend Advantage Stock Portfolio

Portfolio Returns


*Note: Returns for periods longer than one year are annualized.

Monthly Portfolio Returns (%)

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2016 - - - 4.83 0.16 -2.13 5.13 -0.1 -0.7 -1.04 15.54 5.24
2017 2.54 5.96 -1.71 -0.64 -1.92 -1.57 0.36 -7.55 3.17 0.7 3.92 1.64
2018 0.56 -6.79 -1.14 -1.84 4.14 -0.55 2.57 1.22 0.14 -4.42 0.96 -8.9
2019 12.42 0.89 -4.61 5.48 -7.53 6.74 2.66 -4.99 5.36 -1.41 3.88 0.81
2020 -8.52 -12.34 -32.29 26.88 5.7 2.42 0.18 4.57 -3.97 4.31 16.48 -

Portfolio Holdings

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