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Penny Stocks to Watch & Buy Now

Creating penny stock watchlists using our Ratings System to separate bigtime winners from losers, has proven to be very successful! Our members track these stocks and buy the ones that start climbing in price. The chart below shows real-time historical performance for the stock rating system when applied to penny stocks. For illustration purposes, we assumed an initial investment of $10,000. Since 2010, investors who consistently invested in penny stocks rated as Strong Buys gained over +4055%! In contrast, those who invested in low priced stocks rated as strong sells, earned only +187%.

Penny Stock Watchlist Performance Chart
Note: Penny Stocks are defined as stocks with a price less than $5.

How Do I Find the Top Penny Stocks?

You will need to use our Stock Screener, which allows you to discover new stocks and create watchlists. In order to find the top rated penny stocks, visit our stock screener page and apply the following rules:

  1. Set the Rating to “Strong Buy” only (Stock Ratings are restricted to active members). Since 2010, stocks rated as Strong Buys have outperformed the overall market significantly.
  2. In the Criteria section, set the minimum price to $5.
  3. You can narrow the list down further by adding sector or financial criteria filters based on your own investment preferences.

Alternatively, once logged in simply click Penny Stock Strong Buy List . We have set up the filters for you.

Stock Ratings Tutorial

Click the following link to watch the tutorial about how to use the stock rating system:

Stock Ratings Tutorial